3 Smart Ways to Conserve Water with Your Irrigation

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Water is imperative for life — and for the farmer, the environmentally conscious individual or merely the prudent person, water conservation is a must.

Here, we’ll take a look at three water conserving tips to help you save money and decrease the water that can fall through the cracks during the irrigation process.

Conservation Tip #1: Collecting Water

One way to save on water costs and decrease wastage is to capture and store water in designated containers, such as rain barrels, man-made ponds or other receptacles. Rainwater is also better for your plants and the soil because it is highly oxygenated and clear of salts and fluoride that often accompany tap water.

Tip #2: Working with the Weather

In order to avoid using unnecessary water and risking over- or under-watering crops, you can monitor the weather forecast and schedule your irrigating only when the rain is scarce for several days. You can also use a rain sensor that detects rain and automatically shuts off the irrigation system at the first sign of a sprinkle.

Tip #3: Smart Irrigation Controllers

Smart controller technology helps you program your irrigation system to perform in the most efficient and conserving way possible. This device literally chooses when it is the best time to water based on how much water it detects in the soil. For this type of advanced technology to function properly, it must be installed to industrial specifications.

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