Easy Steps to Controlling Insects on Your Ornamental Shrubs


Your accent shrubs are there for one reason – to make the rest of your yard look good! Pesky insects can keep your landscape from looking its best. Here are some easy steps to controlling insects on your ornamental shrubs.

How to Control Insects on Your Shrubs

  • Change your plant variety – Some plants are more prone to pests than others. When you are making a purchase, consider the pests that are around your area. For instance, if crape myrtle has a higher instance of aphids in your area, consider a different tree or choose a type that is more tolerant.
  • Keep your plants healthy – Shrubs that are healthy can better withstand small infestations. Since your shrubs will probably be in direct sunlight, you must be sure that they get the water and nutrition they need to keep from drying out.
  • Inspect all new entrants – Before you bring a new plant into your landscape, inspect it thoroughly for insect infestations. As they say, one bad apple can spoil the bunch.
  • Prune – Infestations can be controlled if you prune the infested parts of your shrubs before the insects spread to the entire plant. Take on this task in the early morning. Pests will be less active during these hours, allowing you better access.

The Next Move for Your Shrubbery

Give the dedicated landscape and outdoor living experts at W. P. Law, Inc. a call when you have an insect problem that needs a professional touch. We are here to ensure your landscaping looks its best, and your ornamental shrubs are a vital part of that look.

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