2 New Ideas for Creating and Building Your Own Residential Fountains

Be creative in choosing your residential fountains features.

Residential fountains are about more than just moving water. They can easily take on all sorts of dimensions. Recently, we saw a Homeowners / DIY residential fountain that was created out of several galvanized containers that were attached using a metal pole.

The containers were arranged as follows: the first was flat, the second was tilted, and the third was actually an old watering can, which emptied water into the second. The second container then spilled into the third. The amazing part was that the three containers were filled with flowers. They contained a simple mixture of petunias, but the effect was stunning.

The project consisted of a pump, a reservoir, and the containers. The artist, for that is surely what whoever was who created this feature was, just used their imagination to create a piece of art that was also a water fountain. A great DIY project.

The second idea is to use your residential fountain to add to your outdoor living space. We’ve all seen the statuary with water emerging from various body parts, but what if we told you that you could create a centerpiece that nobody had seen before? You could combine plants and brick to create something that is both modern and ancient.

By using flexible pond liners or a deep tube contain you can stack the bricks to make a square around the container. You then alternate the bricks to create spaces and gaps between the bricks. In these spaces, you plant moss. The water travels up the container and spills over the outside of the bricks. Changing the upper bricks can create a waterfall, or splash zones. On the top of the feature, you place a flower pot with hanging plants. The effect is stunning, and in no time the creation takes on the look of an ancient artifact.

Have a DIY project with residential fountains brewing in your imagination? Contact us with your questions about how to make it spectacular.

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