Creating Show Stopping Residential Fountains

Residential Fountains add Fun and Elegance to your Home

Creating Show Stopping Residential Fountains

For being such simple features, residential fountains make a big impression. Who knew pumping water from a reservoir and letting it cascade down a surface would have the power to be so mesmerizing? Options are endless and can be worked into any décor style. The brilliance of fountains is both the versatility in design and the elementary equipment that go into each of these works of fluid art.

Available components work together to create elements that are vertical and horizontal, light and dark, colorful, and even include sound. They have the ability to draw you into a space, and because of that make a popular addition to any meeting space in or near your home. Best yet, the function of the space can be customized by your fountain.

If you want to create a mood that is soft, then let cascading water break on another object before it hits pooled water. If you want to create a space that shuts out noise, than increase the volume of falling water and let it break directly on the pool’s surface. You can create the impression of both night and day by adding in lights. Switch up your fountain during holidays by swapping out colored lights for standard white bulbs.

Kits for making residential fountains can help this process along, or you can look to experts. W. P. Law, Inc. is here to help you with that creative process. Contact us today and let us answer your questions and give you some suggestions for your next project.

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