Dirty Water Irrigation Control Valves

Dirty Water Irrigation Control Valves

Dirty water irrigation control valve. If your standard irrigation control valves are failing to turn on or turn off due to dirty water, look into using the Rain Bird PESB scrubber series of dirty water control valves. The plastic scrubber on the valve scrapes the stainless steel screen to clean and break down grit and silt material each time the valve is actuated. This prevents debris build up and clogging.

The valves also have a manual external bleed that permits flushing of debris from the system during start up and after repairs. The Dirty water irrigation control valves are available in 1”, 11/2”, and 2” sizes.

Contact your local W.P. Law Inc. about any questions or applications for Rainbird PESB scrubber valves.

Steve Richardson

W.P. Law Inc.

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