Dos and Don’ts: Winter Water Feature Care

water feature winter care

Winterization of your water feature can mean different things depending on the climate. For example, in South Carolina’s mild climate, we can still get cold and even freezing temperatures in the winter months.

Winter Water Feature Care Dos

  • Do consider leaving the system running through winter. It still requires maintenance, whether you shut it down or leave it on. However, when you keep it running, you get to enjoy the aesthetics of your beautiful water feature every season.
  • Do- clear away the leaves, grass, and debris from the water and filter regularly, especially in the fall when the trees are still shedding their leaves for several weeks.
  • Do trim foliage and landscaping around the stream, pond, fountain, or water feature to reduce the risk of damage.

Winter Stream Care Don’ts

  • Don’t shut the water feature down when a cold snap approaches. In frigid climates, shutting a water feature down in the winter is essential to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting. However, the water running through the lines in our mild climate keeps it from freezing, even when the temperature dips.
  • Don’t neglect to invest in a pond heater or deicer, especially if you have fish. It will open a bigger hole than the pump alone will.
  • Don’t hesitate to call on water feature experts if you have any questions or concerns during the colder winter months.

You can winterize your water feature to prevent damage and avoid a complete winter shutdown. With proper water feature winter care, you can enjoy your feature year-round. Contact the W.P. Law, Inc. team to learn more about how to prep your water feature for the cold.

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