Dream It, Do It! How to DIY Your Garden Irrigation

Garden Irrigation as Easy as 1-2-3

Dream It, Do It! How to DIY Your Garden Irrigation
Gardening irrigation makes gardening more fun and fruitful. Growing a backyard garden is not just fun – it’s also practical, especially if you are trying to avoid GMO foods or save money by growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables. Garden irrigation helps to decrease the amount of work involved. Thankfully, DIY irrigation is easy.

DIY irrigation kits you buy are complete. The instructions are fairly simple and straightforward. The only task you really do on your own is design the layout. Here’s a simple tip to take care of it:

Map It Out!

Take the time to map out and plan your garden. Include several versions for change-of-season gardening. This will help you see exactly what irrigation supplies you need. It will also show you where irrigation can be moved to later if you wind up expanding. The map is important; it allows you to plan the layout of your garden in a way that conserves both work and water.

For example, if you don’t garden in winter, then plant crops harvested first at the end of the irrigation line. By installing a simple shut-off valve, you can shut off sections of irrigation line once a crop is done for the season.

Mapping out the garden allows you to envision the entire process. You get the benefit of noting any problems with irrigation before the system is established and ordered. Just follow the instructions in your DIY irrigation kit, and you can have a beautiful garden.

If you’d like more information about how DIY garden irrigation kits can help your garden, just contact us.

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