How to Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget

Everyone loves a good cookout, and having an outdoor kitchen is on the “Wish List” for many homeowners. Whether you are dreaming of a freestanding outdoor kitchen or a built-in type model, nothing beats a great BBQ in a comfortable and entertaining outdoor kitchen space

Here are some tips to save you money and keep you on budget when creating your dream outdoor kitchen. 

Tips to Save on Your Outdoor Dream Kitchen 

Create a “Close to Home” Plan Design – Building your outdoor kitchen as close to your home as possible will save money! Using an exterior wall of your home allows you easy access to electricity and plumbing lines for your outdoor kitchen that will keep your budget in serious check! 
Search Salvage Centers – Once you have selected the center of your outdoor kitchen – the gas grill – consider salvage centers for great deals on architectural elements, old brick or stone, and granite counter tops. These elements can add interest and uniqueness for less cost. 
Built-Ins are Bargains – Purchasing a pre-made built-in grill for your outdoor kitchen can help keep you in budget by eliminating custom building components like stone bases and concrete counters, which can be costly. It can also be moved with you should you decide to buy a new home! 
If you are ready to build your dream outdoor kitchen, the pros at W. P. Law can help you create the perfect design to fit your needs. We have a variety of configurations to choose from to design exactly what you are looking for. Contact the W. P. Law, Inc. office nearest you to get restarted on your new outdoor kitchen today!

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