Drip Irrigation Kit – Install your own irrigation system

irrigation kit

Install your own drip irrigation system using a drip irrigation kit.

Drip irrigation is considered by many to be the best irrigation for home gardens and landscaping as well as for agricultural irrigation. Drip irrigation delivers the water directly to the root system without losing water to evaporation and overspray.

Depending on your skillset and budget, you can hire a professional to install the system for you, or you can purchase a drip irrigation kit and install it yourself.

• Create your design: Start by assessing your landscape’s needs and create your design. Draw out your landscape on paper and measure for the amount of tubing you will need.

• Purchase materials: Contact an irrigation specialty store for the materials necessary to build your particular system, or purchase a drip irrigation kit. Tubing is available that is pre-punched with the emitters already installed, or you can purchase tubing and install the emitters yourself. There are additional spray stakes and misters that can be purchased to customize your system.

• Build your system: Attach the hose to your water source and lay the house out where irrigation is needed. Place one emitter at each plant. Once the hose is laid out, you can cover it with mulch to blend it in with your garden.

For your home, business or agricultural irrigation needs visit the specialists at W.P. Law, Inc.

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