Drip Irrigation Products can Help You Become More Water Efficient

Drip irrigation products mean no more lugging hoses all over your yard.

If you’re tired of dragging a heavy sprinkler hose from one area of your lawn to another day after day, it may be time to consider installing an irrigation system. With our natural resources being depleted at alarming levels, you may want to consider becoming more water efficient and using a watering system that conserves water.

Conventional lawn sprinkler systems can be inefficient and waste water. The performance and efficiency of lawn sprinkler systems can be greatly improved by the use of “smart controllers”. Smart controllers utilize a weather station to monitor conditions and adjust the system run-time as needed. Systems with smart controller can reduce their water usage by 30-50%.

When it comes to the landscape, drip irrigation is the way to go. Drip irrigation applies water near the root zone at a slow rate which results in less runoff and less evaporation. Drip irrigation is ideal for foundation plantings around your home. The lower application rate prevents problems resulting from too much water around the foundation, such as wet crawl spaces, damp basements, and termites.

For more information about drip irrigation products to help you become more water efficient, contact the pros at W.P. Law, Inc. and let them design an irrigation system to fit your watering needs.

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