Features Of An Effective Sewage System  

Crop Irrigation

Humans use a lot of water in the course of living their lives. You have water consumed by homes and businesses along with runoff from lawns and other structures. How well does your local system rate in handling wastewater?

Makes Use Of Gravity

Sewage systems use gravity to drive wastewater to treatment plants. Water piped from houses and businesses flow into street sewer mains.

They join other mains placed along bodies of water naturally flowing downhill to the treatment plant. Lift stations are used to replace gravity where the land doesn’t allow for natural water flow.

Multi-level Treatment

Sewage system use three different processes to treat wastewater:

Primary Treatment – Separates any solids from the water and prepares them for disposal.

Secondary Treatment – Uses bacteria to rid the water of any organic materials or nutrients.

Tertiary Treatment – Chemicals, filter beds, and other processes remove phosphorous and nitrogen from the remaining mixture. This stage also removes any leftover bacteria.

Thorough Testing

Common methods for validating the effectiveness of an industrial sewage system’s effectiveness include:

  • Checking pH
  • Determining levels of oxygen needed to consume any leftover organic material
  • Making sure no solids remain in the wastewater

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