Fall is On the Way, and Your Yard Needs Attention. 6 Lawn Care Tips to Get Ready for the Fall Season

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Is your yard ready for cooler weather?  Winterization is essential for your grass and gardens to keep them healthy year-round.  We’ve got the fall lawn care tips you’ve been looking for to prepare for winter.  Here are the six that should go on your to-do list now.

#1: Keep it Short

A short mow late in the season before fall is beneficial and allows water and nutrients down into the soil.  Leaving the clippings can also help mulch and fertilize the grass before the winter.

#2: Get Out the Rake

Get out the rake when the fall leaves are off the trees and on your lawn.  Accumulated leaves block sunlight and remain wet for long periods of time.  These conditions can lead to fungus and other disease and insect problems in your lawn.

#3: Treat for Pests

Treating your lawn for pests is part of a good fall lawn care plan.  Some pesky bugs can live through a frost or freeze, so you want to ensure your grass is pest-free before winter hibernation.

#4: Don’t Stop Watering

Winter is not a time for sprinklers but fall sure is.  Don’t stop watering just because summer’s over.  You can cut back, but keeping your grass hydrated is critical for a healthy lawn come spring.

#5: Be Sure to Aerate

Aeration helps your grass get the nutrients, water, and oxygen it needs, and fall is the perfect time for it.  In addition, it loosens the soil while supporting healthy growth.

#6: Time to Fertilize

Even though the grass blades are dormant in the winter, the roots continue to grow.  Fertilizing with additional potassium in the fall gives them the nutrients and protection they need to survive the cold and return healthy and lush in the spring.

Fall is just around the corner, and your yard needs essential lawn care before it gets cold.  Contact the lawn care experts at W.P. Law now for all the fall lawn care tips to protect your grass.

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