Garden Drip Irrigation Made Easy

Drip irrigation on home vegetable gardens has gained in popularity over the years because of the many benefits it provides.  By supplying water directly to the root zone of your crop, drip irrigation helps reduce disease pressure often associated with over-head watering by keeping the leaves of the crop dry.  Drip irrigation in vegetable gardens also helps limit the amount of weeds by keeping area between rows dry as well.

The irrigation professionals at W.P. Law Inc. have developed a garden drip irrigation kit that helps take the guess work out of supplying water to your garden.  Our garden drip irrigation kits can be customized based on the size and number of rows in you garden.   These kits use a 5/8″ drip tape with built in drip emitters every 12 inches that drip water slowly to the root zone of your garden.  The drip tape is available in a 1,000 foot roll and requires only a 1/2 gallon of water per minute for every 100 feet of drip tape or row.  Many growers that have a limited amount of water available are able to utilize our garden drip tape kits to irrigate their garden.

The drip tape attaches to  5/8″ polyethylene solid drip tubing that is connected to a water supply such as a faucet.  At the faucet, simply screw on the drip filter and pressure reducer and connect the solid drip tubing that will supply the drip tape.  Assembly is simple and does not require any advanced plumbing skills to install.

Many growers prefer to add a hose faucet timer in order to automate their garden drip irrigation system.  These timers can be programmed to turn the drip irrigation on automatically each day with multiple start times.  Another common device used to help take the work out of your home garden is the addition of a fertilizer injector.  These fertilizer injectors can be used to inject soluble fertilizer into the drip tape system.

To learn more about our garden drip irrigation kit, click below to see an illustration of the necessary components.

W.P. Law Inc. Garden Drip Irrigation Diagram

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