Greenhouse Irrigation

greenhouse irrigation

Three types of greenhouse irrigation systems.

Greenhouse irrigation is important to produce healthy plants and vegetables. There are several different types of irrigation systems that can easily be installed in greenhouses. Choosing the right system for your greenhouse is vital to the productivity of your crop.
Here are three popular types of greenhouse irrigation systems:

Overhead Irrigation:
Overhead irrigation is a popular form of irrigation for greenhouses. It is relatively inexpensive to install and maintain. There are different types of spray heads that include both fixed and rotating heads.

Drip Irrigation:
Drip irrigation is also inexpensive to install and maintain. Drip irrigation works by dripping water directly into each individual pot. There is no worry about overspray, or wasting water. It is one of the most efficient methods for watering plants.

Misting Watering System:
A misting watering system is used for propagating plants from small seeds or cuttings. The ultrafine mist keeps the soil moist but does not dislodge the soil. These micro-sprinklers spray a very fine mist onto the plants.

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