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Grill Selection
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Grill Sizing

 In the process of researching for a new gas grill, one of the most commonly asked question is, “What size gas grill do I need?”
Presented are some deciding factors involved in answering that question.
One of the most important is that of budget. Prices for gas grills cover a wide range.  When it comes time to consider buying a gas grill, remember that this could be a heavily used appliance and it is a good idea to invest in the highest quality product while staying within your budget.
A durable grill will have a grill head of 304 stainless and heavy cast aluminum, with the burners and fasteners made of 304 stainless steel as well.  Choices for the grate materials can vary from heavy chrome steel, 304 stainless steel, or cast iron.
A rotisserie unit is necessary for outdoor grilling for items like whole roasts, chicken, turkey and ribs.
Sear units built into the grill are useful for sealing in juices for meats before the actual grilling takes place.
A side gas unit allows for stove- top cooking while the main grill is used.
What size grill do I need?
For a family of 4-6 people a 30-inch grill would be adequate.  A grill this size can easily accommodate 10 half pound burgers, 8-10 pounds of large cut meats and with a rotisserie, two whole chickens of 3 to 4 pounds can be cooked at one time!
If you entertain on a regular basis, a 36-inch grill would be quite adequate.  If cooking is your passion then go for it with a 40, 42 or 55-inch unit!  If you go this route, an outdoor kitchen featuring the larger grill is more advantageous than a 36-inch stand alone because you won’t have to scurry back and forth between the house kitchen and the grill, plus guest love to socialize where food is cooking.

-Todd Smith
W.P. Law, Inc.

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