Here’s How to Start Planning Your Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Basics

Here's How to Start Planning Your Landscape Lighting
Landscape lighting enjoys many positive uses. When properly installed, it can add value to your home or it can attract business to a commercial setting. Lighting can be helpful in setting the right mood or atmosphere, as well as providing enough light for practical reasons. For instance, adding lighting to a dark backyard increases safety.

However, because there are several factors to consider when it comes to adding landscape lighting to your home, it helps to have a plan.

Consider the Effects You Want

What kind of functionality are you looking for? Do you need improved visibility? Would you like to warn visitors of potential dangers around your yard? Is your main concern giving your home an elegant appearance or an inviting glow?

How you plan to use the light is important because the impact of the light is often more important than the style you choose.

Path lights placed to provide subtle pools of light are a great way to provide lighting along a walkway without the runway effect of a straight line of lights. Directional lights are used to highlight specimen trees or shrubs and distinctive architectural features of your home, such as stone walls.

LED’s provide energy savings and allow for more flexibility in system design. LED’s also require less maintenance that incandescent or halogen bulbs.

As you begin to plan, don’t be afraid to think big. Consider your functional needs first, and then consider any changes made through the seasons. This will help you to create the perfect living space and maximize the use of lighting.

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