How can I be cost-efficient in irrigating my crops?

Find out how to save money and water irrigating your crops.

Crop Irrigation

Irrigation water is an essential tool for the successful growth of vegetables, fruits, and grains throughout the world’s various regions. In fact, almost 60 percent of the world’s entire freshwater withdrawals are used in irrigation practices. Knowing a few smart irrigation water tips can greatly improve your irrigation efficiencies, while also enhancing your crop yield.

The Top Five Efficient Irrigation Tips for Crops

  1. Before the start of each new growing season, check your irrigation system. A professional irrigation expert can help you to determine if there are any problem areas within your system or if any of the sprinklers are clogged or otherwise damaged.
  2. An irrigation system is only as good as the points of contact, i.e. the places where the sprinkler heads connect with hoses or pipes. Did you know that a leak the size of a ballpoint pen can waste up to 6,300 gallons of water per month? To be more cost-efficient, while irrigating crops, make sure that your water lines don’t have any leaks.
  3. To be the most cost-efficient in your crop irrigation needs, the water needs to be directed only at the areas where the crops are planted. Every drop of water wasted on an area that doesn’t need it, is like throwing money down the drain.
  4. Improperly scheduling your irrigation controller can waste both water and money. At the start of each new growing and planting season, be sure to update your system’s watering schedule so that it can properly align with the needs of your latest crops, as well as the seasonal output of natural rain water.
  5. Consider using VFD controls on pump stations. If your irrigation system requires a wide range of flow rates, a VFD can lower your pumping costs.

The Benefits of Working With Irrigation Experts

When you work with the team of irrigation experts at W.P. Law Incorporated, you will be in a position to improve the efficiencies of your irrigation systems. From choosing the right pumps to finding the ideal controllers, the experts at W.P. Law know exactly how to maximize the efficiency of your landscape and crop irrigation system. With thousands of irrigation supplies in stock, your system will soon be optimized for your crops and producing just the right amount of water for the most efficient yields.

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