How can I cut down on the algae in my pond?

Find out how to clear your pond.

algae covered pond

Algae is one of the most common concerns of pond owners. It can develop quickly, spreading across new ponds that are in the process of becoming established. Sometimes it takes the form of green water; other times, it comes in the form of unattractive blanket weed or string algae.

What Causes Algae in Ponds?

Sometimes algae will collect because rainwater flows across the yard before entering the pond; this water may contain fertilizers that can make algae grow. In other cases, a buildup of organic debris will feed algae, causing large algae blooms. Ponds that are built using marble, concrete, or limestone have a higher pH, which can contribute to algal blooms. A pump that isn’t strong enough to move at least half the total pond volume will provide poor circulation, which can also contribute to buildup.

As a new pond becomes established and other issues are addressed, the pond will generally produce less algae over time. But, pond owners will most likely want to address the algae that is already there, to improve pond conditions in the meantime.

Removing Algae from the Pond

If manually removing algae with a pond skimmer is not feasible, algaecide can help remove algae and restore your pond’s aesthetic appeal. Which algaecide will be best will depend on the conditions and use of your pond. In most cases, a copper-based algaecide is appropriate. It is safe to use with most types of fish.

However, if you keep trout, koi, or channel catfish, you will need to get a compatible algaecide for those fish. When treating a pond that has fish, treat one quarter of the pond at a time. When algae dies, the oxygen level around it temporarily dips. By treating the pond in stages, you can assure that your fish have adequate oxygen.

It can take time to get a new pond established and to address all of the issues that cause algae to build up in your pond. But, by addressing issues as they happen and correcting the causes, you can keep your pond attractive and enjoyable all season long.

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