How Can I Effectively Irrigate Many Different Crops At Once?

Agricultural Irrigation

Whether your farming operation is large or small, it is important to make sure all the plants in your field have adequate water regardless of what’s going on with the weather. That is why an effective irrigation system is so important.

The ability to get water to many different crops at the same time will save you a great deal of time – and your farm a great deal of money and frustration. But, how you do so effectively without placing some or all of your crops at risk?

Irrigation Pumping

When it comes to agricultural irrigation there is one phrase you need to know: variable speed drives. This refers to the pumps that move the water used in irrigation. Traditionally, pumping water for irrigation is a costly endeavor – costing the U.S. approximately 15.5 billion dollars in energy alone per year according to the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Variable speed pumps are more energy efficient because they don’t operate continuously at the highest possible pump speed.

How do Variable Speed Pumps Benefit Farmers Who are Irrigating their Crops?

Crop irrigation is important for South Carolina farmers. These are a few benefits variable speed pumps introduce into the picture.

  1. It saves a great deal of money on energy bills. According to NSW Farmers, reducing the pump motor speed by as little as 20 percent can net energy savings of up to 50 percent. Over a farming season that can be a substantial amount of money for small farms. Larger farms stand to save even more.
  2. A Variable speed drive allows for a pump to be used for multiple applications.
  3. The grower has increased flexibility in their irrigation scheduling.

Irrigation can be a tricky matter. Go to the experts at W.P. Law, Inc. whenever you have questions or concerns about your current irrigation methods or equipment. They’ll answer your questions and help you solve your irrigation problems.

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