How Do I Know When To Replace The Shaft Seal In My Pump?

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Wondering if it’s time to change the shaft seal on your pump? There are a number of different signs that can help you decide. Regardless of the type of pump you have, here are some simple signs that it needs new gaskets:

Visual Inspection

It is very difficult to tell visually if a mechanical shaft seal needs replacing without disassembling the pump. However, you may notice some evidence or prior leaks around the shaft seal or you may see suction and discharge piping that shows evidence of overheating. In either of these cases, it there is a high probability that the shaft seal may need to be replaced.

Malfunctioning Pump

If your pump loses prime or fails to build the correct pressure the problem could be a leaking shaft seal. Air may be pulled by a leaking shaft seal causing the pump to lose prime when it is running. This may often be difficult to detect.

Spraying Leak

Water spraying by the shaft seal is an obvious sign that the seal needs replacing. When disassembling the ump and removing the old seal, be sure to inspect the shaft sleeve (larger horsepower pumps typically have a replaceable sleeve that the seal runs over). If the pump shaft (or shaft sleeve) has light scratches, they can usually be sanded out with Emory cloth prior to installing a new seal. However, deep grooves or sever scratches mean a replacement shaft sleeve as well.

If you cannot tell whether or not you need a new seal, bring your pump into W.P. Law, Inc., or contact us today. We can help point you in the right direction and help you find the supplies you need.

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