How do I Protect my Plants this Winter 

winter lawn care

If you want great looking plants during the warm season, protect them during the cold seasons. Proper handling of your plants during autumn and winter prevents frozen roots and foliar damage.
Take a look at some best practices that you can implement today.


Using an organic material to mulch will not only protect the plant’s roots from freezing temperatures but will also create better soil. As the mulch breaks down, it will put much needed nutrients into the soil. Use a new layer of mulch every autumn. Keep it around three inches deep, and leave a 0.5 inch space around the stem of the plant for air circulation.

Frost Fabric

Plants can use blankets as well! If you have small trees or large shrubs, you can use a burlap swath to protect them from freezing weather. Remove any cover during the daytime, and make sure that they reach all the way down to the roots of the plant. Do not bind any cover to the plant – make sure that you stake them away from the stem to keep the stem from becoming injured.

Water Correctly

The right watering tactics can be used to protect plants during a night frost. The soil should be thoroughly watered during the day. The wetter soil will hold the heat better than the dry soil, which will protect the plant’s roots and keep the surface temperature from dropping too low. The appropriate irrigation system can help you water more easily based on the predicted night time temperature.

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