How Effective Are Wastewater Pump Stations?

Gravity at work with your local wastewater pump station

How Effective Are Wastewater Pump Stations?

Wastewater pump stations, also known as pump lift stations, are used to move liquid waste from lower to higher elevation. This transfer then uses gravity to carry the wastewater material through sewer lines to a treatment facility.

There are many segments that go into the construction of wastewater pump stations. An ineffective wastewater pump station will result in an environmental hazard and system backups. These can be avoided by investing in a licensed and reliable contracting team.

Reinforced precast concrete is a common economical building material when fabricating pump lift stations due to its versatility. Pre-fabricated fiberglass pump stations are an economical choice due the fact that all of the pumping equipment is preinstalled. These light weight systems are easier to install requiring less labor and equipment.

Systems automation and maintenance are essential to the durability of wastewater pump stations. While they are complex systems, their effectiveness has been proven in their repeated municipal and industrial applications.

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