How Much Area Can I Irrigate with an Impact Sprinkler System?

Here’s how to determine the area you can irrigate with your sprinkler system.

Impact Sprinkler System

With the droughts we’ve had in the US the past few years, farmers in areas of the country that haven’t needed irrigation in the past now find themselves having to evaluate and install irrigation in their pastures and fields. But working out how much area can be covered by an impact sprinkler system can be confusing at times.

Proper Irrigation System Design

At its most basic, an irrigation system needs to be designed to apply enough water to your grow your crop without causing runoff and erosion. You want your system to provide uniform water delivery to the entire area and to do so in an efficient manner to help prevent water loss. You need to decide whether the system should be permanent, movable, or self-moving, depending on your needs.

When you’re designing a new irrigation system, there are a few things to consider. One thing you must consider is topography. Land that is flat usually has more options for overhead irrigation than just impact sprinklers. Sloped land usually is confined to solid set or hand move systems. Crop type and row spacing are other considerations. Will your impact sprinkler system be used only for irrigation or will it also be used for frost protection? These are just a few things that need to be considered when designing an irrigation system using impact sprinklers

Irrigation scheduling

The simple definition of an irrigation schedule is answering the questions “How much water does my crop require?” and “How much time do I have to apply this amount of water?” Of course there are several factors that need to be considered when determining an irrigation schedule. Factors such as soil type, topography, prevailing weather conditions, and system efficiency are considerations when determining an irrigation schedule. Many parts of the country require that growers have a Water Management Plan for all of their crop irrigation systems.

Now that you’ve had a chance to think about some of the consideration for an impact sprinkler irrigation system, you can contact the professionals at W. P. Law, Inc. for design assistance an as a source for all of your irrigation needs. Contact us today for details.

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