How the Right Commercial Fountains Can Improve Your Curb Appeal

The Impact of Commercial Fountains Really Packs a Punch

How the Right Commercial Fountains Can Improve Your Curb Appeal
Commercial fountains welcome people to your business and reinforce your brand and professionalism with the right design. If you want to draw new traffic into your business, consider one of these unique water features to your exterior’s layout.

How Do You Pick the Right Fountain?

Focus on how your landscape, building’s exterior, the fountain, and your business message can work together. Every element of your marketing, branding, and physical presence can cooperate to attract more of your ideal clients. The right feature design can help make this change obvious to your clients before they step through your doors.

What Does a Fountain Do?

Water features like fountains are a great source of relaxation. They’re known to help soothe stress. They’re also excellent ways to create white noise, allowing customers to escape the clatter of the street. Water is also very attractive to most people, providing a sense of nature and calm to any situation.

Businesses can take advantage of the power of water and the attraction of fountains. Health facilities, such as hospitals, chiropractic and therapeutic offices, and centers for psychiatric care, can attract visitors with the use of a fountain. Not only are they a beacon of calm, but they give off the impression of success.

It is not just the fountain, however, that businesses have at their disposal. The setting for your water feature can have just as big of an impact. Consider a tropical beach scene or an elegant marble foyer. What kind of impression would these give your patrons?

One very effective example of fountain use can be seen in restaurants where they’re used to distract people waiting for tables. Paired with a small pool and a handful of pennies, you can provide guests with a wishing well and wind up with surprisingly fun entertainment as well as a good impression.

For more information about what type of fountain is right for your business, just contact us.

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