How to Choose the Best Irrigation for Your Farm

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Everyone knows that a proper irrigation system is vital to the success of a farm. Crops need quality water to survive and farmers depend on the yield and quality of these crops to support their family and the community. Therefore, everyone should consider these important factors before deciding on an irrigation system.

What are the Needs of the Farm?

This first factor is determining what the needs of the farm actually are because different irrigation systems serve different needs. What kind of crops are on the farm and how much water do they need? How often do they need this water? How much land is there to irrigate? The answers to these questions are important when deciding on the irrigation system for you.

Drip Irrigation:
This method is often used on high value crops such as vegetables, small fruits, and orchard crops. This irrigation method utilizes low volume, low pressure, emission devices to apply water directly to the root zone thereby reducing losses due to evaporation and runoff.

Traveler Irrigation:
In this form, a giant sprinkler head is moved through the field on wheels watering every crop. This is best used for farms on flat land conducive to this movement.

Solid Set Irrigation:
In this system, crops are fed by sprinklers attached to pipes placed underground. This is a common form of irrigation and makes sure that every plant is fed.

What Kind of Water Source is Required?

Farmers will need to consider the amount of water that is required to meet the needs of the farm. Some irrigation systems (traveler and solid set) require a tremendous amount of water over the growing season compared to drip irrigation. The water source (pond, well, stream) needs to be considered and could be a major factor in determining the type of irrigation system the farm requires.

Choosing an irrigation system for a farm is a big decision with multiple factors. Anyone with questions or concerns should contact WP Law for more information today.

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