How to Choose the Right Watering System for Your Landscaping

Finding the Best Watering System for your Landscape

How to Choose the Right Watering System for Your Landscaping

Which type of watering system is the best for your landscape? The question is really about what kind of watering your landscape needs.

Lawns for example, are best watered with pop-up sprinkler heads that retract below the lawns surface. These sprinklers are typically spaced 30 feet apart for large lawn areas. Small pop-up spray heads are used for small or odd shaped lawn areas.

A vegetable garden, on the other hand, is usually planted in straight rows. Ideally you only want to water the plants and not everything in between. Garden drip kits that use drip tape are ideal for this application. The drip tape is stretched out along the row and water is emitted every 12 inches thus creating a continuously wetted strip along the row leaving the path between rows dry. Not only does this save water, but it also reduces weeds and by keeping the foliage dry many disease problems are eliminated.

Foundation plantings and other ornamental beds where plants may be placed in random patterns require an irrigation system that is easily adaptable. Drip irrigation systems that use emitters and micro-sprinklers serve this application well. The drip tubing is usually run in close proximity to the plant and an emitter is punched into the tubing. Water is applied at a predetermined rate based on the emitter selection. Micro-sprinklers work well in annual beds where plants will be changed out during the different seasons. Bedding plants usually have shallow roots and are easily watered with a few micro-sprinklers. These systems have the same benefits as those used in irrigating gardens.

As you try to decide which watering system is the best one for your landscaping needs, ask yourself what it is that you are trying to grow. That answer will help you figure out which type of system is best for you and your landscape.

Consult the landscape professionals at WP Law. Our expert staff will help you find the best watering system for your unique situation.

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