How to Get the Most Out of Your Sprinkler System This Spring

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Spring is upon us, the weather is getting warmer, and your lawn is ready for some sprinkler action. The key to keeping it beautiful is using the best lawn sprinklers and getting the most out of your sprinkler system. Here’s how to get it ready for Spring.

Check the Sprinkler Heads

Turn on the sprinkler system and turn on the water. Roll through each sprinkler zone and manually check each sprinkler head. Make sure there isn’t any dirt, grass, mud, or leaves stuck in the mechanism preventing the water from coming out. Check to ensure the sprinkler head moves up and down smoothly as you turn the water on and off. And clear any obstructions from above and around it so the water goes where you want without blockage.

Check for Leaks

As you run the sprinklers, watch for water that pools where it shouldn’t or water that leaks from the sprinkler heads instead of spraying outward. Leaks found now will prevent water waste as we move from Spring to summer and ensure proper landscaping watering.

Test the Controller

Reset the schedule on your controller to test that it’s working as it should. Check the programming and make sure the date and time are correct. Adjust run times to correspond to the season. Begin watering before sunrise, and if a second irrigation is required, finish watering early enough, so the turf dries before sunset to prevent fungal diseases.  

Connect with the landscaping experts to help prepare your sprinkler system for Spring and learn about the best lawn sprinklers. Contact W.P. Law, Inc., today for all the irrigation information you need to keep your lawn and landscaping looking great all Spring and summer.

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