How to Keep Your Lawn Looking BOO-tiful This Fall

It’s almost Halloween, which means the idea of lawn care can be frightening. Don’t let the idea of prepping for winter scare you. With some spooktacular tips and tricks, your lawn can look frighteningly beautiful throughout the fall.

Start With a Short Cut

Mowing your lawn short can help prep it for fall and winter. An inch is the right length to help it preserve energy and moisture as it begins to hibernate for the cooler weather. Be sure to keep mowing as long as it’s growing, so it doesn’t get smashed under fall leaves.

Keep Raking!

One of the worst things for your lawn this fall is a heavy load of leaves on top. Not only does it crush the grass, but if left on your lawn, it can start to rot and cause fungus and other issues. The leaves also block out the sun and deprive your lawn of essential nutrients. Be sure to remove the fallen leaves regularly and keep the grass clear of debris to keep it healthy in the coming months.

Aeration is King

A fall essential for your lawn is aeration. Removing small plugs of grass and soil helps your lawn get more oxygen and water as well as improving drainage. Aerating in the fall is a great way to get your yard healthy and keep it that way through the fall and winter.

Instead of hiding out and ghosting your lawn this fall, use these basic tips and tricks to keep it healthy starting at Halloween and going through the winter season. For help with any of your lawn care or maintenance needs, be sure to contact the experts at W.P. Law.

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