How to know when it’s time to replace your pump control valve.

When you are maintaining or repairing your pumping system for irrigation, waste water, sewage lift, filtration, or any other use, some of the most critical parts of the pump station are the valves.

Pump Control Valve

To the untrained eye, every valve is the same. As long as the valve is in one piece, it is probably working correctly, right? Wrong! Control valves can break or work improperly—even if they look to be solid. While every case is a little different, here are a few tips for determining if your pump station control valves may need replacing:

  • Look for Leaks – While a significant leak would be apparent, smaller leaks may sneak up on you. Check around the pump control valve and look for leaks around control water tubing and indicator stem. Small leaks around these areas are easily repaired.
  • Rust – A rusted valve or corroded valve can be a disaster waiting to happen, especially in industrial or municipal applications. A rusted valve is usually a sign of leakage or other external corrosion. Depending on the type of fluid being pumped, external corrosion could be indicative of internal corrosion. Valve corrosion can cause the valve to be inoperable, which could be big trouble in the case of an emergency. Replacing the valve right away could prevent serious, expensive repairs down the line.
  • Noisy Pump – If your pump seems to be making more noise than usual or if it sounds like it has rocks in it, and these sounds are more noticeable than in the past, the pump control valve may not be working properly. Pump control valves can regulate the flow. A control valve that allows excessive flow may cause pump cavitation which can lead to expensive repairs.

Proper maintenance is important when you have a pump station or multiple pumps working to keep water circulating on your property or within your building. No one expects you to know it all yourself. If you have questions or concerns about pump control valves, installing a new pump, or general maintenance of any type, why not call the experts? The team at W.P. Law Incorporated have the knowledge and expertise to help you with all of your fluid handling needs. Call us or reach out to us online, and we will be happy to point you into the right direction. We look forward to assisting you with all your pump and fluid handling needs.

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