How to Repair Damaged Water Features

how to repair damaged water features

Repair the cracks and broken parts of you backyard water features.

Water features are a delightful addition to your property. Like most everything, they sometimes need repairs, especially because they are subjected to harsh elements all year long.

Cracking is a common problem with water features. The sun’s harmful rays and the cold winter weather can cause cracks in the feature. If you notice your feature is leaking, it’s possible that there is a crack that needs repairing.

To repair cracks and chips:

First, locate the crack. You’ll need to reduce the water level to below the crack, or drain the entire feature. Make sure you remove any wildlife or fish before you drain the feature. For cement features, remove the loose debris surrounding the crack using a chisel. Dust the area off. Apply bonding liquid, then the concrete. Let it dry, reseal and paint the repaired area.

To repair broken-off parts:

Epoxy is a great choice for mending two broken pieces of your water feature. Mix the epoxy following the manufacturer’s directions. Apply some epoxy to each piece and bond them together.

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