How to Repair Irrigation Systems After Winter Damage

3 Common problems with irrigation systems after winter weather.

Harsh winter weather can damage irrigation systems if the system wasn’t winterized properly. The most common cause of winter damage to sprinkler systems is freezing water inside of the piping. As the water freezes, it expands and can cause pipes to crack and leak. Some irrigation problems can be fixed by the homeowner while others may require hiring an irrigation professional.

Here are some common problems you may encounter after winter weather and how to repair them.

• Cracked pipes:
To repair cracked pipes, turn the water off. Use a PVC pipe cutter to remove the damaged section of pipe. Make the repair using a telescoping repair coupling or compression coupling.

• Clogged sprinkler heads:
Turn the water supply off. Pop the sprinkler head’s riser up and unscrew the top and remove the filter. Remove any debris and rinse the filter. Replace the filter and the sprinkler head.

• Damaged sprinkler heads:
If the sprinkler head is damaged, you may need to replace it. Simply unscrew the sprinkler head, clear out any debris and screw the new sprinkler on.

If you didn’t winterize your irrigation system it’s possible that the system sustained damage during the cold winter weather.

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