How to Winterize Your Sprinkler System

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Sprinkler systems require winterization to protect them from damage.

During the fall, homeowners are busy winterizing their homes and landscaping. Did you know that winterizing your sprinkler system is just as important as winterizing your home? Extensive damage can be done to your sprinkler system if it’s not properly winterized. Take the necessary time to ensure your system will be ready to go when spring arrives.
Here are the steps to take to winterize your irrigation system:

• Turn off water supply:
Turn the water supply off at the main valve. It’s important to note that the main valve should be protected from freezing temperatures. It needs to be buried beneath the frost line, or well insulated.

• Turn off irrigation controller:
If you have an automatic timer, turn it off or set it to “rain mode”.

• Turn on valves:
To release any pressure, turn on all of the valves.

• Drain the water:
Drain the entire system by blowing out the water with an air compressor. If your system is PVC pipe, the pressure shouldn’t exceed 80 psi. If the system is polyethylene pipe, the maximum pressure is 50psi.

• Remove the backflow preventer:
In some cases, you can remove the backflow preventer and store it away for the winter. Make sure you drain the water completely before you store it.

• Insulate pipes above ground:
All water pipes that are above ground should be insulated to protect them from freezing temperatures.

Contact the irrigation specialist at W. P. Law, Inc. for more valuable information about protecting your system today.

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