How Will an Irrigation System Help Me Conserve Water?

Agricultural Irrigation System

It is a simple fact of life: every living organism requires water for survival. As professional landscape contractors and farmers, you want your plants to do more than merely survive; you do everything you can to encourage them to thrive! Hand-watering plants is a labor and water intensive endeavor. An automated irrigation system actually conserves water and saves money on labor costs.

Tips For Conserving Water With Irrigation System Automation

  1. Concentrate watering efforts where you need them the most. With an automated irrigation system, your property will be divided into zones with different water requirements. Ornamental plants, trees, turf, hillsides, sunny areas and shady areas all have different water requirements. With an automated system, your property is divided into zones and irrigation is scheduled according to need. For example, your sunny zones will get more water than your shaded ones.
  2. Water plants at the optimal time of day. Evaporation is the enemy of efficient watering. While it is more convenient to water plants in the daytime, you are guaranteed to lose some of that valuable water to evaporation. With an automated system, you can water your plants in the early morning hours before either you or the sun is out of bed.
  3. Automatic shutoffs will prevent over watering during a rain event. Ever see a sprinkler system running on an especially soggy, rainy day? You should not. All irrigation systems should have an automatic rain shut-off device installed. In some states is required by law to a have rain sensor installed on your irrigation system. These sensors should detect when a specific amount of rain has fallen and override the automated schedule to conserve water, alleviating any concern you might have about over watering your plants.

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