I’m expanding my warehouse. How can I connect to my existing sewage system?

Navigating the installation process for connecting to your sewage system doesn’t have to be so confusing.

Connecting to Existing Sewage System

Business expansions often mean making physical improvements to your property, as well. When your warehouses get bigger, this will usually include connecting your new space to your existing sewage system.

Codes and Compliance

First, ensure that you have the permits or approval needed to make the new connection. Contact the correct water and sewage company for your area to find out what forms, plans, and fees are needed to proceed. The forms and information can often be found on the utility website. WP Law has 45 years of experience dealing with municipal utilities, and can guide you through the process to ensure that you have everything that you need.

The Right Connectors

There are a few different connectors that can be used to connect to the existing sewer line. Each has a different purpose and works best in different scenarios. Branch junctions are among the simplest and cheapest ways to connect to an existing line. Oblique junctions come into the pipe at an angle. Square junctions attach with a soft curve.

It’s important to note that they cannot be accessed for cleaning, maintenance, and repair. These fittings should only be used with the addition of access fittings. Access chambers can be used for single connections. They can be used to a depth of 600mm.

Installing the New Connection

Both types of junctions can be inserted into the existing pipeline using either universal or sliding couplings. Sliding couplings do not have a central register, which allows them to slide right on to an existing pipe. Universal couplings have adjustable collars at each end of the coupling, which are tightened using clips. These are a good choice for awkward angles or when you are connecting two different types of pipe.

Running New Lines

Pipes will have to be run from your new expansion to the existing sewer system. It’s important to ensure that you have the right pipe and risers to get the needed level of pressure. Testing to ensure that everything is working should be completed before any back filling over new pipes is done.

WP Law can help ensure that your new installations and tie-ins to existing lines are safe, effective, and compliant with all local codes. Contact us today for a consultation on your next industrial sewer project.

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