Impact Rotor Sprinkler Troubleshooting

Impact Rotor Sprinkler Troubleshooting

If your impact rotor sprinkler head has stopped rotating or having trouble reversing, here a couple of things you can check for.  A grain of sand or debris in the nozzle vain or the PJ tube can cause the head not to rotate or prevent the impact arm from having enough force to drive the head throughout its entire pattern.

The nozzle can be removed on most impact rotor sprinklers allowing you to clean the nozzle vain by inserting a small wire or paper clip to push the debris loose. The PJ tube is found on the arm of the impact sprinkler. It is a very attractive place for insects to build a nest. The nest will cause a blockage or reduction in the amount of water flow passing through this tube. The tube can be cleaned the same way as the nozzle vain.

Another problem that happens is sand or silt getting into the bearing nipple washers. These are the washers that are located near  the male thread of the impact sprinkler head. These washers serve two purposes. They provide a seal to the water being supplies to the head, and also serve as the slick surface to provide rotation of the head. 

You can clean the debris out of the washer by washing them with water.  Do not use petroleum products on the washers; they are designed to be water lubricated only. Petroleum products will cause damage to the washers and will eventually cause the Impact rotor to stop turning.

Steve Richardson

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