Incorporating a Pondless Water System Into Residential Fountains

Explore these tips for a pondless residential fountain to enhance your outdoor living space.

Incorporating a Pondless Water System Into Residential Fountains
Pondless water features are amazing additions to any residential landscape because they add a great deal of depth and charm to a space.

Incorporating a pondless water feature into a residential landscape is fairly easy, especially for the DIY kind of designer. Pondless water features can be tucked away in the corner of your landscape to provide a quiet place to reflect or sit down with a good book. Pondless water features can also be the dramatic focal point of the backyard landscape.

There are many pondless water feature kits, most of which can be completed in a weekend. Because pondless water features are “pondless” there is no open, standing body of water that must be maintained. Pondless water features are also safer due to the lack of a pool, so even families with small children can enjoy a backyard water feature without worrying.

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