Keys to Selecting an Industrial Pump  


Industrial pumps are subject to difficult working conditions and yet, are expected to function effectively for long hours. It is therefore critical to select the right pump to guarantee high performance, longevity, and reliability. W. P. Law, Inc. is a leading provider of industrial pump products for municipalities, food processing, and manufacturing processes.

From our years of experience, we have prepared the following list of key considerations when selecting an industrial pump:

1. Materials of Construction

The material used in the construction of the pump should be compatible with the liquid to be processed. Compatibility is vital to avoid chemical reactions which can jeopardize the integrity of the equipment and put people who are around at risk. Compatibility is also crucial to ensure a buyer obtains value for their purchase.

2. The Sensitivity of the Pump to an Operation

It is essential to establish how sensitive a pump is to the success of an operation. For instance, we recommend buyers to settle on high-quality pumps containing special features in processes where downtime is unacceptable. Even though the initial costs of the pump might be high, the pump is economical in the long run.

3. Pump Environment

A pump’s working environment plays a crucial part in influencing its construction, installation, and longevity. Outdoor pumps might, for instance, require protection against extreme weather conditions. The special features needed on such pumps might make them more expensive.

4. The Rate of Flow and Pressure

Buyers need to know the performance requirements and the fluid that is being pumped. Pumps are sized based on the required flow rate (usually expressed in gallons per minute) and the required head or pressure (usually expressed as TDH or PSI).

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