Irrigation Filters Keep the Water Flowing

 Irrigation filters protect and add longevity to an irrigation system.

Irrigation filters protect system components from organic matter and other debris.  Drip irrigation systems are susceptible to plugging caused by organic material such as algae.  Conventional irrigation system components can become worn or damaged by sand and other debris.  A properly selected irrigation filter can remove this material and keep the system operating at peak performance There are several types of irrigation filters depending on your particular system. Four types of filters are:

  • Centrifugal filters: The water is spun through a cylinder.  Centrifugal force causes the debris to collect on the outside of the cylinder and gravity forces it in a collecting tank.  This tank is periodically flushed to remove the debris.  Centrifugal filters work especially well for removing sand from well water.
  • Disk filters: Disk filters are a series of grooved disks that stack on top of each other. As the water passes through the filter, the discs capture the debris and other organic material.
  • Media filters: Media filters are large filters that work great removing organic material. They consist of large tanks that are filled with some type of media (usually sand).  The water is filtered as it flows through the media.
  • Screen Filters: Screen filters are used to remove organic and inorganic particles.  Screen filters are easy to clean and service compared to disc and media filters.

Whatever type of irrigation system you have, you need to keep your filters clean so that they properly operate and clean your water supply. The irrigation specialists at W. P. Law, Inc. will be happy to provide you with the right type of irrigation filters for your specific needs.

For all of your irrigation supply needs contact the irrigation experts at W. P. Law, Inc.

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