How Long Should I Keep My Irrigation System Running into the Fall?


Have you turned off your irrigation system now that fall is nearly upon us? We hope not! The weather in the south means you can water well into the autumn months. But is there a point when you should stop? Here’s what you need to know about running your irrigation system into the fall.

Winter and Proper Irrigation

The ground doesn’t freeze in the south the way it does in northern states. There, you need to shut off and drain your irrigation system to prevent frozen and broken pipes. There is still the need for water in South Carolina, even into the fall and winter months. Grasses do become dormant as the weather cools, but because our climate is so mild, your lawn and garden can still benefit from occasional watering.

How to Know When to Water

Instead of guessing when your dormant grass needs watering in the fall, you can use smart controller technology. It keeps track of weather conditions and then automatically runs the irrigation system to compensate when it gets too dry. They take the guesswork out of running your sprinkler system at the same time they save water. They’ll also give your lawn and garden the boost they need during the cool, dry months, so they come back green and strong in the spring.

Don’t turn off your sprinkler system just because summer’s over. There’s a better way to take care of your lawn and garden. Contact W.P. Law, Inc. to learn more about when and how to keep your irrigation system running in the fall.

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