Irrigation Tools and How to Use Them

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A list of irrigation tools for do-it-yourself installation.

Installing an irrigation system yourself will require specific irrigation tools to do the job right.

Here is a list of the most common irrigation tools you’ll need to install an irrigation system, and how to use them.

Trenching Shovel: A trenching shovel will be needed to dig holes and clean-out machine-dug trenches for the irrigation pipes and valves. Its narrow blade makes this the ideal tool for this tedious job.

A mattock is used to dig short trenches, and the pick end works great for breaking and removing rocks.

A tamper bar is used to compact the soil after it is replaced over the piping.

PVC Pipe Cutter:
The PVC pipe cutter is used to cut the PVC pipe leaving clean edges.

Hack Saw:
A hack saw can be used to cut PVC pipe, as well as metal pipe.

Wire Cutter/stripper:
A combination wire cutter and stripper is used for cutting and stripping wires.

Screw Drivers:
You will need a flat screwdriver and a Phillips head screwdriver to connect the wires to the controller.

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