Irrigation Valve Repair

Irrigation Valve Repair

Repairing irrigation control valves is a pretty simple thing. The first thing that you should know is that no matter what brand valve it is, almost every repair can be made without cutting the valve from the line.

 Irrigation control valves are pretty simple devices. They consist of a solenoid, diaphragm, and the body.  Trash in the valve is responsible for 95% of the problems these valve encounter. The other 5% would be a burnt out solenoid, old or damaged diaphragm. This repair requires replacement of the bad component. The sand or trash related problem fix is as simple as removing the parts, washing out the sand or debris and reassembling the valve. Repairing irrigation valves is a job most anyone can do.

For additional information on troubleshooting irrigation valves, click the link below:

Irrigation Valve Troubleshooting

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