It’s Not Too Early to Think About Protecting Your Pipes for Winter. 3 Things to Consider Doing Now

freezing pipes

With fall upon us and winter right around the corner, do you know how to protect pipes from freezing?  It’s not too early to take some simple steps to protect your irrigation system and prevent costly repairs.  Here are three things to consider now, before the cool weather arrives.

#1: Shut it Down

The first step to winterizing your sprinkler system and how to keep pipes from freezing is to shut off the system.  Start by turning off the main water valve that leads to the irrigation system, usually near the water meter.  Next, turn off the timer so it won’t signal to turn on the water to the sprinklers.

#2: Drain the System

In South Carolina, winter watering usually isn’t necessary.  We get enough rain to compensate for the lack of irrigation during the cold months.  Because of this, you can safely drain your sprinkler system to protect it from the cold without worrying about the health of your lawn.  Blowing all remaining water out of the pipes is the best way to prevent freezing, as even a quarter inch of water can freeze and cause the line to crack.

#3: Protect the Exposed Parts

Any above-ground or exposed components require protection in the winter.  You can wrap the main shut-off, backflow preventer, and some exposed pipes in insulation to keep them from freezing and cracking.  Insulation pouches are also available for purchase that slide over the backflow preventer.

If you’re unsure how to protect pipes from freezing or approach some of the steps above, fear not.  We’ve got you covered.  Reach out to W.P. Law for all the irrigation system winterization help you need this fall.

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