July is Smart Irrigation Month

Jult is smart irrigation month

July is the ideal time for water conservation

July is designated as “Smart Irrigation” month by the Irrigation Association (IA). The IA is a membership of the leading irrigation equipment manufacturers, distributors, contractors and other green industry professionals.
Smart Irrigation month was developed to bring awareness to water conservation practices and products. Irrigation innovations such as drip irrigation, smart controllers, and moisture sensors, to name a few, have been developed to conserve our most precious natural resource, water.

To view the history of irrigation and how technology has improved, visit the Irrigation Museum. The Irrigation Museum is a virtual online museum promoted by the IA. W. P. Law, Inc. is proud to be an online sponsor of the Irrigation Museum.

For all of your irrigation needs and information on “smart irrigation” products contact the experts at W.P. Law, Inc.

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