Know These 10 Benefits of Using Effluent Spray Systems On Your Farm

effluent sprayer in a field

Good effluent management is made up of a mix of having a good system in place, the best processes to use that system, and assurance that the effluence is being applied at the right time in the right place. Here are 10 key benefits of using effluent spray system on your farm.

1. Savings on Fertilizer

When you use an effluent spray system, you save on fertilizer expense. An effluent spray system enables you to utilize the inherent nutrients in the effluent rather than lose that nutrient value to waste.

2. Application Control

Effluent spray systems provide built-in capabilities to control application saturation. Farmers can mathematically calculate the intensity of the application according to variances such as soil moisture, condition, and topography.

3. Environmental Compliance

With an effluent spray system, farm owners can provide proof of environmental compliance with data such as application region, usage, and output.

4. Better Ground Coverage

Effluent spray systems allow operators to cover more ground faster than other methods of effluent application.

5. Measurable Results

Effluent spray systems should have flow meters so that farm owners know exactly how much effluent is being sprayed, at what pressure, and for how long.

6. More Efficient Labor

Time is always in short supply on a farm. Automated effluent spray systems free up man power so they can take care of other tasks on the farm.

7. Less Storage Needed

With a properly designed and operated effluent spray system less lagoon storage may be required.

8. Fewer Moving Parts

Effluent spray systems are very simple and have few components to give trouble. Effluent sprinklers are designed for the rough service that they face. The same is true with the valves and pumps used in these systems.

9. Easy to Add-on to the System

Effluent spray systems can be broken up into zones to allow flexibility in application rates. Adding additional zones as your operation grows is very easy to do.

10. Easy To Manage In Rough Or Rolling Terrain

Effluent spray systems can easily apply waste to uneven terrain. Tanker trucks and spray wagons do not perform well on difficult terrain. Tip-over can be a concern in the most extreme cases. Not this is an issue with a solid-set effluent spray system.


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