Landscape Irrigation for Water Conservation

water conservation

Consider landscape irrigation technology to help conserve water while improving your landscape.

Homeowners and businesses alike have thousands of dollars invested in their landscape. The past few years have seen limited and irregular rainfall that has caused extended drought conditions in many areas. In response to these water shortages due to the drought many water purveyors have been forced to impose water restrictions. The dilemma for homeowners and businesses is how do I protect my landscaping investment during this time of drought?

Fortunately, advanced technologies have created components that aid in water conservation. There are several types of systems available that eliminate wasting one of our most precious resources. As an added bonus, saving water, also allows you to save money.

Drip irrigation has been used in farming since the 1940’s. However, its use in landscape irrigation has only been widespread in the last 30 years. Drip irrigation is ideal for foundation plantings and ground covers. Drip irrigation’s low application rate also makes it ideal for use on planted slopes. Drip irrigation is also an easy retro-fit for older systems that use fixed spray heads to irrigate plantings. Drip retro-fit kits are available from several manufacturers to convert these older spray systems to drip irrigation.

“Smart Controllers” are a relatively new technology for the residential irrigation system. Smart controllers utilize data collected from an on-site weather station, soil type, geographical location, and historical data to calculate the run-time for each zone. This technology has been around for several years, but was mostly utilized on large commercial properties and golf courses. As the cost of this technology has come down in price over the years it is now affordable for residential sprinkler systems. Smart controllers can help the homeowner reduce water usage for irrigation by 30-50 percent.

When prolonged drought and water restrictions occur, there are options that will allow you to keep your landscape looking great and do your part in conserving water.

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