Landscape Irrigation Maintenance

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Landscape irrigation can be a true blessing for any home or business owner, especially during the hot dry months of summer. A little bit of maintenance can go a long way in keeping your system up and running when it’s needed the most.

The following are a few irrigation maintenance tips.

Clean the filters and screens:

Most drip irrigation systems have a wye-type screen filter to keep debris from clogging emitters and spray stakes. The screen is removable and needs to be cleaned periodically. Also most pop-up sprinklers and spray heads have an intake screen located at the base of the head or just under the nozzle. If you notice a weakened spray pattern, a partially clogged screen may be the culprit.

Check for damaged sprinklers:

Sprinklers can become damaged from mowing and aerating equipment. Broken sprinklers no only waste water, but they can cause other sprinklers to perform poorly due to the lower water pressure.

Leaky valves:

Valves can begin to leak over time. This is usually due to worn or distorted diaphragms. These parts can easily be replaced. Spring is a good time to make these repairs before the hot dry weather sets in.

The irrigation experts at W.P. Law, Inc. are knowledgeable in a variety of issues that can arise. Visit our professionals who can assist you with any number of problems you may have with your own landscape irrigation.


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