Landscape Lighting – Eliminate Dark Areas in Your Yard

eliminate dark areas

5 Types of landscape lighting for your home

Homeowners spend a lot of time, and money making their homes functional, appealing, and comfortable to live in, both inside and outside. One of the areas they tend to forget about is landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting is an affordable way to add functionality, comfort and elegance to your outdoor landscape. Lighting not only adds beauty to your outdoors, but offers safety, as well.

There are many types of outdoor lighting fixtures available. Here are a few:

• Well Lights:
Well lights are partially embedded in the ground and direct light upward. Well lights are ideal for highlighting specimen trees or architectural features of your home. Well lights should be used with a grate or other cover to keep mulch and other debris from collecting on top of the fixture.

• Path Lights:
Path lights are most commonly used to provide “pools” of light along walkways and garden paths. Path lights can also be used in the land scape to accent shrubs and garden art as well as bring light to a dark corner or your garden

• Bullet Fixtures:
Bullet fixtures work great to highlight trees and shrubs. They can also be installed in the canopy of large specimen trees and directed downward to provide a moonlight effect. Bullet lights can also be used as “wall washers” to highlight stone work or other interesting architectural features.

• Deck Lights:
Deck lights are usually installed on railings and steps. They come in a wide variety of shapes and styles and are great for giving your deck or patio a nice soft mood.

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