Manual Vs. Automatic Irrigation Systems: What’s Right for Me?


Considering the differences between manual vs. automatic irrigation systems is worthwhile when your goal is to facilitate beautiful and attractive landscaping for your property. Keep reading to learn the differences between these two methods and how you can know which is right for your irrigation application.

What Is a Manual Irrigation System?

A manual irrigation system involves hand watering with hoses, nozzles, or sprinklers. While using these products tends to cost less money than installing an automatic system, it requires significantly more time as you will need to operate the equipment yourself.

You either must be present to move the hose and sprinkler frequently to cover the entire area or install a timer feature for multiple hoses and sprinklers. Manual irrigation is not ideal for the purpose of watering large properties or different areas on your property.

What Is an Automatic Irrigation System?

An automatic irrigation system involves in-ground, clock-driven sprinklers that can run without human operation. The automatic system is ideal for large properties or when the homeowner travels or is unavailable to provide the necessary manual watering.

An automatic irrigation system can also a very efficient and cost-effective option. These systems are typically used in conjunction with a rain and freeze sensor. Unnecessary watering can also be controlled by a smart controller. This device uses weather sensors and soil moisture sensors to apply the proper amount of water to the landscape.

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From overhead agricultural irrigation and drip irrigation to irrigation systems for homeowners and landscaping professionals, WP Law can help you determine which system is right for you. To get started with a new irrigation system or to learn more about manual vs. automatic irrigation systems, connect with WP Law, Inc. now.

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