My Pump System Froze, Now What?

Your pump system runs your irrigation system, and if not properly winterized, the coldest month of the year could take it out of commission. Frozen pipes are bad enough, but a frozen pump can bring everything to a screeching halt. Follow these four steps if your pump system freezes.

Step 1: Open the Valves

If the pump is not completely frozen, allowing just a trickle of water to flow can prevent pumps and piping from freezing. Open faucets, fixtures, or valves to allow for water flow.  In some cases, even if the water freezes, the open valves will allow room for expansion as the water freezes, thus preventing the pump and piping from being damaged.

Step 2: Apply Heat

Heat from a source other than a flame is the first step to managing a frozen pump system. You want to get the water flowing as quickly as possible before it expands so much that it ruptures the pipes and the housing on the station. Examples of non-flame heat include heat tape, a space heater, electric blankets, and work lamps.

Step 3: Watch the Pressure

As the pump and the pipes start to thaw with applied heat, it should restore the pressure and allow water to flow again. However, if you don’t see water flow to all valves or fixtures, it could mean there is still some freezing in one or more of the lines.

Step 4: Call in the Pros

If you think or know you have a frozen pump system and you’re having trouble restoring water flow, it could need some professional attention or repair. Contact the irrigation and pump system experts at W.P. Law, Inc. Their staff are standing by for all irrigation and pump system issues.

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