NDS EZ-Flow Drain Pipe

  W.P. Law Inc. is now stocking a drainage product that will make French drains a piece of cake. EZ-Flow drain pipe will not only save you time, money, and equipment cost, it will increase your profit on drainage jobs.  With EZ-Flow drains ease of installation, minimal equipment need, and not needing gravel delivered to the work site, it will allow contractors that have not engaged in offering French drains to now do so.

EZ-Flow drain pipe will be a welcome product to the contractors doing crawlspace drainage. No more carrying gravel under the house in 5 gallon buckets, just carry the pipe and its self contained aggregate with you and place in the trench. Working in those tight spots will no longer be as challenging or time consuming. Stop by your local W.P. Law branch and take a look at your new money maker.


Steve Richardson

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